Saturday, October 23, 2010

Day 139: Dandelions

I really really like dandelions. They should not be classified as weeds. I just think that's the truth.

Dandelion Bud II


Dandelion Bud

Day 137 and 138: Leaves and Tigers and Knots (Oh My!)

Just A Fall Day

I really really really want it to get colder soon.

This tiger is cool. I really like whoever designed it.

Flattened Tiger

Knot Theory

Did you know there is a whole branch of mathematics that just studies knots. It's true! Google 'Knot Theory'.

Day 136: Hansel and Gretel

They pushed the witch into one of these. Poor old woman.

The Poor Witch...

Day 135: Light As A....

I've been trying to get back into macro. I realized lately that this project has started to mean I don't have as much fun shooting pictures, which I don't like. So I'm going to start having fun again. Which means taking the time to do macro.


Days 131 to 134 (Not Necessarily In That Order Though)

Warning: Engineering Content


We're figuring out how to control an LCD screen with a microcontroller. We were using an Arduino, but the problem is an Arduino sends out 5V and we needed 2.5V. We didn't have any zener diodes, so we built a bunch of voltage dividers. The dividers didn't work well enough in the end because for some reason the logic channels were actually pulling current, but it was fun to take pictures of.

Lonely Corner





I ordered some supplies from Mouser, and apparently anyone who orders anything gets sent this gigantic catalog of all parts available. It's kind of useless to, because there are no data sheets or anything and I mean, lets be honest, who orders anything by phone anymore?

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Day 128 and 129: All Pink

Cater hall is pink for breast cancer awareness month. I've been meaning to take pictures of it, but the one night I got out there, they had the lights turned off. But I finally managed to last night.

Pink Cater Hall

I was up til 2 or so finishing a lab report. I had come back from the library already and I realized I had done something wrong on my report. So I had to rework it, but didn't have a scanner, so my poor lab assistant got this to grade. But I got a 10/10. He's a great teacher.

Lab Report

Day 127: Friendly Reminder

This is just a friendly reminder to check the batteries in your smoke detectors so you won't die.

Friendly Reminder

Days 124-126: Look At The Stars

I really love astrophotography. I had a chance this weekend to do a little. Not as much as I'd like though. One night, I really want to just go out all night to some middle of nowhere dark place and shoot. Anyone up for joining me?

Look At The Stars

Look At The Stars

I think whenever you're high up somewhere overlooking somewhere beautiful, you should just sit and stare and pray and be in awe.

Deep In Thought

The View

The library, from a unique angle.

Auburn Library

Days 121-123: So Much Knowledge

I'm constantly astounded that anyone can be bored in life. There's so much to learn and think and do. So much to be and so little time.

Of course, if I had to read these kinds of books, I would be bored to tears.


This was taken really really early one morning/late one night on my way back from the library. I just stood in the middle of the street and had fun being the only thing awake in sight.


And another panorama.


Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Day 119 and 120: The Day Before And The Day of Yesterday

Day 119

I will
Consciousness....what is it really?

Day 119

Flying....I wish I could.

Day 119

People taking pictures, of people taking pictures, of people taking pictures....

Day 119

Rubik's Cube....that I can solve.

Day 119

Day 120

Pathetic...I hate this picture.

Day 120

Day 116-118: Catch Up Time

Ok. Let's do this thing!

Day 116

I sat around on campus for an hour or so and tried to find something interesting to take a photo of. Some days everything I see looks interesting, some days nothing does. This was one of those nothing days.

But in the end I got some cool shots. I need to get back into macro, but it's just so time-consuming.

Day 116

Day 116

Day 117 more do you really need. The second shot here was taken by Ian Middleton. Pretty cool shot.

Day 117

Day 117

Day 118

Bubble Up. Second shot here was taken either by Desiree or Joseph Smolin. Both of them took a bunch of cool shots whilst I was working.

Day 118

Day 118

More photos coming....

Day 111-115

Ok, here's the updates. I have been taking pictures, and here they are (I know you're so excited).

Day 111:

On day 111, there was a football tournament going on in the great concrete cathedral of football. I hung out with friends, had a grand old time, and then slept through what I hear was a nail-biter game. Oh well.

Day 111

Day 112

Here's a book that's pretty good. It's in the Series of Unfortunate Events. Sure, they're kid's books, but I like the style of writing and the story is captivating for the most part. I like this picture too.

Day 112

Day 113

This is mainly me trying to be artsy.

Day 113

Day 114

The sunset was amazing, but unfortunately my camera ran out of power after one shot (it hadn't been charged for a week or more, so it was well justified in doing this). So here's the one shot I got.

Day 114

Day 115

Anyone care to guess what this is?

Day 115

More photos later tonight. I'm planning to get caught up on posting today.