Saturday, September 25, 2010

Day 110: Life

I just took a walk this afternoon and took some pictures. I'll just post them without comments. Except to say the last one really doesn't do the sunset justice. Such a beautiful world we live in.

Fall Is Coming

Shelby Construction

Big Sky

Romans 8:28

Day 108 and 109: Serial Port Madness and Circuit Analysis

These two days were dominated with work. The first one, I learned how to use C++ and Python to control a seven segment display through a USB port. It was pretty neat.

7-Segment Display

7-Segment Display

The next day, I was up late working on circuit analysis. It's not hard, but it's so easy to make a mistake because it consists of solving a bunch of simultaneous equations so one negative sign in the wrong place and the whole thing is shot. My room was littered with pages and pages of calculations and such.

Circuit Analysis

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Day 107: Fine Art Museum

I took this yesterday on my way home. It was dusk and I got ambitious and decided to stop and try some HDR even though I didn't have my tripod. Worked out very well I think.

Fine Art Museum

Day 105 and 106: In Which Food Is Made And Cars Are Smashed

Lets start out with Day 105, shall we. By the way, look at me updating this mid-week. I'm so proud of myself. It's because this week is a lot less busy than last, so I have more time.

Anyway, on Day 105, I made some Cinnamon Rolls. They were good (if I'm allowed to say that without sounding arrogant which I think I am because I have taste buds too, which, by the way, we just learned about in psychology, which I'm not quite sure has to do with psychology but that's OK because according to Dr. Barker, who by the way is my teacher, psychology is the intersection of all other sciences which, as we all know is total hogwash, which is a cool word with an etymology I would be interested to know about). I just got on a rant there and decided to make a run-on sentence. Hope you don't mind.

Cinnamon Rolls!

So I was outside in the parking lot in front of my apartment complex the other day, and I was looking for something to take a picture of. While this was going on, a pizza delivery guy pulled in and stopped. I paid no attention, and was not surprised when I saw his car start to move out of the corner of my eye (I was kneeling down absorbed in taking pictures of a small patch of grass at the time).

I was surprised, however, when instead of driving off, the car merely careened into a parked truck. It made a rather loud noise, and I was directly on the opposite side of the truck. I stand up, and the first thing I see is the pizza guy still standing at the door of a nearby apartment staring in disbelief.

The poor guys car had rolled right on without him and unfortunately had rolled straight into someone else's vehicle. Although if the truck wasn't there, it would have pickup up more speed and rammed into something else, so maybe it was a good thing. But it scared me.

Anyway, I got a few pictures and decided I had had enough picture taking for that day.



Sunday, September 19, 2010

Football According To Me (Day 104)

So....what happens on a Saturday in Auburn in the fall? Well, apparently, something called football. But who cares about that right? Well, apparently, everyone.

Behold. You can zoom in on the original panorama pretty far in and read the signs pretty easily and such. But sadly, this is a smaller version, so it's lower quality because I have flickr restrict the original version of the photo and you can't change it for just one photo. But you can imagine.

Auburn Gameday Panorama

Anyway, football is huge deal here in Auburn. Such a big deal, that we get people all the way from planet Kashyyyk.


And it's not just the Kashyyykians that make the long trip. Auburn football draws in weirdos from planets where they have four arms, one pair of which is inflatable.....

Bolt Arms

...and planets where faces are just non-existent...


...and where shame just doesn't exist.


Anyway, eventually these people all congregate in one place to see the true heroes of American society stampede there way into the arena in which they will fight for their very lives against every kind of life form from Fangorsh Beasts to Akkksiashdsi Bears. They may be mauled, eaten, dismembered, and disemboweled, but they do in front of adoring fans, so that's OK.

Tiger Walk

After the battle, humans and aliens alike swarm to Toomers corner to wrap toilet paper around a tree. This is very odd seeing as how paper is made of trees, and the tree must feel very bad for all its cousins that died in the manufacturing process.

Victory And Toilet Paper


Once they're done throwing things at trees, people head home and aliens head to the starport to catch a hyper-spacial transit.

Repulsive, isn't it! War Eagle!

This message has been brought to you by Planet Geico. Where even disembodied eyes have stacks of money! Come visit us at to plan your visit.


My Week: Days 98-103

So I realized mid-way through the week that it just isn't going to be possible to always update this blog everyday. I've managed to take a photo each day, so the project is still running, but the photos might not get uploaded more than once or twice a week?

Well, first we have this picture. This picture shows the depth into which I fell this week. I really wonder how they make those designs on the ceiling. They're cool because they're all different, but they're all alike. There must be some method. I wish I knew it.

Day 98


Day 99

Welcome to Dudley B6. The classroom where I had the most boring Fine Arts class I think I have ever (and hopefully will ever) take. However, it's redeemed itself immensely in my eyes by also being the place that RUF meets. Which a really cool thing you should come to Mondays at 8 PM.


Day 100

Still life. I call it: Paint Covered Plug Of A Refrigerator Yes, it stinks. But I had three quizzes, a test, and a midterm this week. Don't hate.


Day 101

Speaking of school... If you haven't taken Digital Logic Circuits, you really should because it's sooo cool. Binary! This is part of the reason I have had no time this week. Although the test itself was not bad at all.


Day 102

I really should have taken a picture of a Dalmatian or something this day (get it??), but instead I took a picture of this tree. Which is kind of like a dog. I was lying flat on my back and my hair was wet from swimming so I kinda looked like an idiot and got dirt all over me when I stood up. But oh well. Normal people worry me.


Day 103

Two Words: American Gothic. You see the resemblance, right? (Psst, if you don't know what I'm talking about Google 'American Gothic'

American Gothic

And then there's this little number I really like. Again, lying flat on the ground taking a picture. This time on my stomach. I found the grass far more interesting than the battle of the bands that was going on at the time. The bands were just wimpy. Or else had too many trumpets that were out of tune.


So that's my week. Or most of it. I'm about to do a long post about Auburn Football Saturday!, so stay tuned.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Day 97: Fire In The Sky

I love this picture so much. I was rewiring some old lamps we've had forever and so I had to go to Lowe's to get new sockets or whatever.

Anyway, point is, the sky was amazing! I think this picture is very apocalypse like or something.

Fire In The Sky

Don't steal please.

Days 93-96: Insanely Busy

I am going to combine the last four days into one photo/post because it really seems like it has been one day anyway. So insanely busy. Some pretty cool times are encoded in these pictures.

My Last Four Days - 93-96

Friday, September 10, 2010

Metapost: Real Post Tomorrow

God willing, I will get the backwash of photos up tomorrow. I've been in the car for 10+ hours in the past day and a half, and am currently running on 3 and a half hours of sleep. School is killing me. But, like I said, tomorrow.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Day 92: Bigger Speakers And Non-Newtonian Fluid

As promised, I hooked up a bigger speaker today and mess around with it. But this time I messed around with non-Newtonian fluid (cornstarch and water). I had to use a cord from an old microphone and strip it to hood it up to the speaker. Then I stretched a swim cap over the whole thing. I don't have external flash, or strobe lights, so I had to do these outside in FULL sun to get enough light. And I still had to have the ISO up higher than I like. And focus was insanely hard because I was using a reversal ring, so no autofocus, and besides, everything was vibrating so fast it looked out of focus all the time. But it worked fairly well and it looked SOO cool.

Depending on the frequency and amount of cornstarch in the water, there were different shapes and stuff. I'm pretty pleased with the pictures, but if I had the right equipment, I could have done better, but I don't, so I think it went pretty well. Even in full sun, there wasn't quite enough light. What you really need is a dark dark room and then the flash will just illuminate a fraction of time so that's all that gets recorded onto the sensor.

Anyway, without further ado. The best of the pictures...



The Shape of Sound


Please don't steal. This takes a lot of work. If you steal, you're buying me some external flash units.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Day 91: In Which Fall Comes And Milk Jumps

Today was one of those magical days when all of a sudden fall seems just around the corner. The sky is just a little bluer, the air has a hint of crispness in it. Anyway, I just had to stop and take shots of it today on my way home. So amazing!

The Magic City

I messed around with some milk photography today. The technique I got from

You stretch a thin rubber film tightly over the ring of a speaker. Then generate a single frequency, and take pictures of the jumping liquid. I only had the use of small small speakers, so I couldn't get the liquid to jump that high. If I get the chance, I'm going to try it tomorrow with larger speakers.

I didn't get that great shots, but first time doing this stuff so practice makes perfect.

Sound Jumpers

Please don't steal.

Fridge Filter - Day 91

Needs replaced.

Replace Filter

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Day 89 and 90: Even The Simple Things Have Wonder...

One of my favorite themes in my photography is taking something seems ordinary and making people see how insanely detailed and nifty even ordinary things can be.

Road-paint anyone?

Day 89: Even The Simple Things Have Wonder...

I also really like high contrast pictures, and the lens flare seems to amp this one up a little more.

Day 89

This is the emergency light in the library parking deck. I like the blue hue over the pipes and all that jazz.

Day 90

Don't steal or I'll press the emergency button and have you arrested.

Days 85-88: Around The House

These are what I call around the house pictures. When it's been a long day where I haven't had the chance to get my camera out during daylight hours I'm forced to look for interesting things around the apartment to shoot.

The first one here is a movie I really like at this current moment. Watch it. Don't just write it off as a kids movie. It's not.

Day 87

This thing is my reward for getting an 11 on my Fundamentals of Mechanical Engineering class! Yay! I love our teacher. And of course, I heart ENGR 2100.

Day 87

And I'll let you guess what this is.

Day 88

Day 88

And this...well...those are just some people....

Day 86